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    We offer Premium Features if you want your ad to stand out... These are the best way to highlight your ad and ensure more people see it. You can choose between Top Ad, Gallery Ad, and Premium Ad. You can also enhance the Top Ad with the Pole Position, City Extension, and Category Extension.
    “Premium Features” give ads a unique look compared to others on Locanto. Your ads will be seen more often and lead to greater success. There are three options, which can be combined: “Gallery Ad”, “Top Ad” and “Premium Ad”.
    “Gallery Ad” features your ad in the Category-Gallery on the right side of every page in your selected category. On the mobile site, Gallery Ads are displayed on top of the page. Gallery Ads are shown in the rotation if the amount of Gallery Ads purchased exceeds the available space.
    With the “Top Ad” feature, your ad will always appear at the top of the results in your category and will be seen first by users. Your ad will also be labeled “TOP” and stand out on the results page. If there are multiple Top Ads in the same category, then ads will be shuffled. Pole Position is shown above all Top Ads and the following pages of the category as a sponsored ad. It rotates with other Pole Position ads. Want your ad to be visible in nearby cities and even nationwide? The City Extension upgrade lets your ad appear as “Sponsored Ad” in nearby cities of your choice. If you purchase “Nationwide” it will appear in all cities in your country. City Extension Ads are visible on all pages of a category. Do you want your ad to be visible where your target customers are browsing? The Category Extension upgrade lets your ad appear as “Sponsored Ad” in related categories. It is displayed on top of the chosen category page. Category Extension Ads are visible on all pages of the category. In the case of multiple purchases, upgraded ads are shown in rotation. City Extension and Category Extension upgrades are only available in selected cities and categories. You can find further information on our Info page for Premium Features.
    The “Premium Ad” feature removes all other forms of advertising. This allows your ad to appear without banners or references to other ads when a user sees your ad. Your Premium Ad will display on your chosen categories results page highlighted with a “Premium” label.
    With a Premium Account, you enjoy many benefits. You can reply to reviews, see the online status of other users, and much more. You can find more information here. However, your ads will NOT automatically change to Premium Ads. A Premium Ad stands out from other ads because it is marked with PREMIUM. When you book a Premium Ad, all third-party ads and links to similar ads will also be removed.
    If you want to add Premium Features, you first have to create your ad. Then select the desired Premium Features and their duration. Next, follow the steps at the checkout. You can also add Premium Features if your ad is already online. Log in to your account and click on “My Ads”. Next to each ad you can select the Premium Feature(s) and their duration. Then, click on “Save”. After you selected all desired Premium Features click on “Proceed” and follow the steps at the checkout.
    Yes, click on “My Ads” under the “My Locanto” dropdown menu and log in. Choose the ad you want to upgrade and just click on “Premium Features”. You can buy a Premium Feature for a minimum duration of one week.
    The cost depends on the Premium Features available per category. You can review the price and duration after you placed your free ad on Locanto. The minimum duration for Premium Features is one week.
    We accept the most common payment methods. You can select your preferred option at the checkout.
    Your receipts (proof of payment) can always be viewed, downloaded, and printed once logged into your account. Access “My Locanto” and click on “Purchases”. Look for the month you want to download the receipt(s) for and click on the PDF icon next to the title “Invoice(s)”. We will inform you about your invoice(s) (proof of payment) at the beginning of each month following your Premium Feature purchase.
    If you have created an ad with Premium Features and it is already paid for, it is possible for you to delete the ad. The Premium Feature fees, however, are non-refundable. Please also note that deleted ads cannot be restored, not even by our customer support team.
    If your ad violates our Terms Of Use or has been reported by other users as scam or spam, and Locanto deletes your ad for any of those reasons we cannot refund any fees already paid for Premium Features. Please read our Terms Of Use.
    You may cancel your auto-renewed Premium Features by logging into your account and going to “My Locanto”. Under “Purchases”, use the filter to only show auto-renewals. Look for the auto-renewal you want to cancel and click on “cancel” on the right side. You should see the confirmation that it has been done. The selected recurring payment should disappear from the list after refreshing the page.
    Bank transfers usually take 3 working days to process. If you made the payment more than 4 days ago and still have not received a confirmation, please get in touch with customer support and include a digital scan or copy of the bank receipt. Indicate the bank transfer transaction number and the corresponding payment reference number so we can activate your Premium Features immediately.
    These are the possible reasons: Please refresh your browser or reload the page before checking the site again (CTRL + R). Top Ads with City or Category Extensions can take up to an hour before they are visible. This is due to database update processes. Pole Position Ads rotate if there are multiple purchases. Reload the page to make ads rotate until your ad is shown. You are in the wrong category or location. Please check the email we sent. Payment processing takes longer in some cases. Premium Features will not be activated until confirmation. The transferred amount will only be used once Premium Features are online.